Sunday 20 December 2015

sustaining a tie that bonds...

There have been many tips and tricks from elders, experienced people and even google on how to survive a marriage. From submission and sacrifice to magic and special prayers you have it all! However, unlike before, the ways of life are changing. Women especially, are being empowered and more exposed, making it increasingly difficult to adjust to the traditional norm of sacrifice and utter devotion.

In accordance with today's times, I believe the key to any successful marriage is tolerance. Whatever situation arises, it is always tolerance that is tested.

We may not be the ideal spouse and vice-versa, but letting go and overlooking the minor flaws is very important. This is where tolerance comes in. By cutting down on the extra drama and calmly considering  each others viewpoint, we exhibit tolerance. This is not only a way of accepting your partner as a complete package of pluses and minuses, it is also a way of understanding that nothing is picture perfect.

By being tolerant, as a wife, you may just save yourself from uttering unthankfulness or showing unrequired disrespect. As a husband, being tolerant might stop you from committing an atrocious act of physical abuse and instead make you understand your wife better.

Marriage in today's highly competitive and self-centered times, is one of the most tested relations and the way to sail through it is by giving a little more to each other. So try a little tolerance and at the end of the day, you will get a lot of much needed emotional support and a peaceful happy place called home :)

Wednesday 25 November 2015


I am a Muslim and my surname is Ahmed. I wear a headscarf, I pray regularly and I even read the Quran.

I am also a mother of two and love my kids indefinitely. I enjoy hanging out with friends, shopping and gossiping.

Oh and I am also a professional physical therapist who contributes towards the well being of the society everyday.

So because of my initial introduction, why the panic? 

We are living in a highly volatile system where there is a very very fine line between tolerance and intolerance. So much so, that I am actually thinking twice before posting this even though there is nothing extremist in it!

However, there is a need to express my indignation. Just because a few barbarians justify themselves in the name of religion, I cannot let my identity take a beating.

There is a need to express a sense of forebearing I harbour for my children, who in the near future, could be victims of the widespread islamophobia.

And there is a dire need to change this.

The way things look, it seems like a long way towards any change. But we all can, bit by bit --  As muslims, teach your children tolerance and the real essence of religion which is peace outwards and within. As  a mother, instil values of empathy, respect and dignity. As professionals, educate the future generation to contribute postively. 

And above all stop complaining. Stop justifying yourself for what you have not done. Stop the blame game. Don't sit and play the victim.

These are testing times and the only way to sail through is by doing good. Hatred and violence are just fuel to an already lit up fire. So do good..small or big..just do good; and good will come back.

#IamMuslim and I am not a terrorist.

Tuesday 10 November 2015

girlpals# support# thankyou#

Today's post is a big THANK YOU to the most special people in our lives -- our girl friends. Sounds cheesy, but its a thank you well deserved...

Realise it or not, they are major morale boosters in a huge world of challenges. Yes, u have your family and well wishers, but it is these women who have stood next to you in all times thick and thin. From the childish crushes and fights, to the more adult motherly woes and marital issues; they will be with you, laugh with you and cry with you. They may even be as imperfect as you are, but what matters most in the end, is that they have been there with you in your moments.

Unfortunately, there comes a phase where, with time and responsibilities, we tend to forget these significant people and we start feeling self sufficient. Let this be a reminder -- we need our girlfriends.

Being women, our nature demands emotional support. So never take this relation for granted. A time will come when your children will grow older, your preoccupations will lessen and u will be lonelier. That's wen u will need your girls -- to laugh and remember good times passed cry over the pain of loss and grief experienced and above cherish what life has given you.

So go ahead and thank them. Appreciate the women who encourage you in whatever stupidity u try, belittle you wen they are hurt but still protect you fiercely, and even endure you to a point..! Keep them close to you, for they are a blessing and a family in disguise :)

Tuesday 3 November 2015


Not one of us has ever had the privilege of being 'pain free'. From the time of birth until we cease to exist, there occur many moments that leave a scar behind -- be it emotional or physical.

I prefer to call these scars our little 'trophies'. Not to celebrate the pain, but to celebrate our fight against it. Every individual has scars unique to them alone. There could be scars of loss, humiliation, betrayal; or scars of physical abuse, giving birth, wars and so on.

We shouldn't be ashamed or upset at them at all. In fact, I believe it is these crucial moments in life which define you, which make you what you are and bring out a strength unknown to your own self.

So be proud that you experienced pain, and be proud that you had the courage to face up to it. Do not let it bring you down. Challenge it with a smile on your face and determination in your spirit!

This is your it..feel it and above it !! 

Sunday 18 October 2015

advice for moms

In today's highly professional system, I feel lost. Three attempts at working in my field and I still haven't felt any satisfaction. How important is the balance between between enjoying what u do and a monotonous work routine?

With time and age and responsibilities, we tend to weigh down more towards a typical job routine which gives the money needed, but robs off precious time and contentment. We spend valuable years working hard to keep up with society, standards and increasing needs of the family.

In the end, after the money is spent do we really have the satisfaction of a life well lived?

The only way to change this hierarchy, as mums, is by bringing a change in our own households. Let's not repeat the same mistake of teaching our children that success comes only with a big bank balance, regardless of whether they are unhappy. Let us teach them to live simple and follow what satisfies their souls. 

It's okay if your child wants to be an artist or an athlete. If they enjoy it, they will excel in it.  

We all can make a starts from a place called home :)